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King School

King is an innovative school with depth and complexity – which wasn’t completely coming through in their collateral. Our team tapped into King’s key differentiators and created a tagline and materials to reflect their bold vision and engaged, enthusiastic student body.  

We exceeded expectations with a book broken into four parts, providing an overview of King as a whole before getting specific about each of the three divisions, Upper, Middle, and Lower. On the eve of the school’s sesquicentennial, the piece needed to be timely but also enduring. How could we highlight this milestone without dating the book? Our cost-effective solution – a die-cut wrap with an accordian-fold brochure celebrating King’s 150th anniversary and history – provides detail, dimension…and a shelf life.

Like the school itself, King’s viewbook is friendly, creative, accessible, and inspiring.


King School

"Professional, personable, prompt, pleasant...perfect! Working the the CEH Design team for our new Admission Viewbook was extraordinary. The entire team worked tirelessly with us to produce a top quality book that has received continued rave reviews from current and prospective students and families. I have worked with a number of companies over more than twenty years designing and creating Admission materials, CEH gets it, they are simply the best! The time they spent on campus to really get to know the school, our mission, our students, etc. was amazing — we had very little to do on our end because they made the effort and invested the time needed to showcase our school in a wonderfully unique way. I look forward to working with CEH on many more projects in the future."

— CARRIE J. SALVATORE | Director of Admissions & Financial Aid